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I agree to participate in the training at Midwestern Built for the previously agreed upon fee. I am also aware that a different coach can be assigned to work with me at any time as deemed necessary by Midwestern Built. I understand that training at Midwestern Built is not a medically supervised program and that training at Midwestern Built is developed for healthy people with no medical conditions or risks, either physical or psychological. In addition to the terms above, I represent that I am in good physical condition and have no medical reason or impairment that might prevent me from participating in this program. As such, I acknowledge that Midwestern Built did not give me medical advise before this program, and cannot give me any training after training at Midwestern Built related to my physical condition and ability to participate. If I have any medical concerns now or after training at Midwestern Built, I will discuss them with my doctor. The information given to me during any testing by Midwestern Built is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, nor is to give any medical advise of any kind. If I have any existing medical condition, before I can begin I will present Midwestern Built with a medical release form., signed and dated by my personal physician. This form represents my physician’s approval to participate in Midwestern Built. I grant permission to Midwestern Built to contact my physician/dietician or health care professional if I require medical supervision during my participation in training at Midwestern Built. I understand that nutritional advise recommended as part of training at Midwestern Built is the sole opinion of the trainers and may not be fully supported by healthcare professionals. Training at Midwestern Built is designed to help participants achieve their fitness goals by altering or maintaining body composition through the application of strength and conditioning training. In my consideration of my participation in activities offered by Midwestern Built, I understand and voluntarily accept this risk and agree that Midwestern Built, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, independent contractors, any properties and/or facilities will not be liable for any injury, including, without limitation, personal, bodily, or mental injury, economic loss or any damage to me, my spouse, guests, unborn child, relatives or anyone using the facilities whether related to exercise or not. I understand and acknowledge that Midwestern Built is providing recreational services that may not be held liable for injury due to improper or unsupervised use of equipment. This agreement is not effective until it is signed and dated. By signing below, I acknowledge and agree that I have read the application and understand the nature of activities at Midwestern Built. I agree to all terms and conditions of this Midwestern Built agreement and acknowledge that I can receive a copy if I deem necessary. By signing the above agreement I consent to allow MWB CrossFit and its staff to use images, recordings, and names of myself and family attending any classes, events, or gatherings. This consent includes the use and editing of images, voice and/or video recordings, and name in media posts, advertisements, and printed works, and acknowledge that these may be used in newspaper, magazine, or tv articles on the gym. I understand that these images may be used without payment or other consideration to me or other members of my family, and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my or my family member’s likeness appears. I understand that by participating in the class my child may be included in projects such as this and advertisements. I release MWB CrossFit and its employees and contractors from all claims resulting from the use and editing of my or my family member’s name, image, and voice. I acknowledge that MWB CrossFit is not obligated to include myself or my family members in any of their promotional activities. I understand that all membership cancellations are subject to a 30 days notice. Upon receiving the request of cancellation, a membership cancellation date will be set for 30 days from the time that is documented on the request. I concede to send in the cancellation through the official channels in order that proper documentation may be preserved. I understand that if I attempt to cancel through alternative actions than the request form that my membership may not be cancelled in the timeline I expected, and waive Midwestern Built and MWB CrossFit from all responsibility of fees that might incur on my account in that time. I acknowledge that accounts may not be suspended, but must be cancelled. If I wish to reactivate my membership at a later time I will contact the gym manager, and understand that additional paperwork may be necessary.
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