MWB CrossFit Community is a holistic approach to the meaning of true fitness. We firmly believe that there is much more to being healthy than just being physically fit. It is our desire to help members build strength and stability not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. We want to take good care of each other.... Body, Mind and Spirit!

Here are some ways we hope to accomplish that...

A dedicated “Box Chaplain”

One of our members will make himself available to other members as a Box Chaplain. His role is to help create an environment in which fellow members can be encouraged and strengthened in their personal and collective moral and spiritual growth. This is accomplished primarily by being a positive and consistent presence at the Box, getting to know other members, and making himself available for conversation, prayer, counsel and leading discussions on spiritual health/growth as time permits.

Prayer Board

There will be a dedicated space in the box where members can both write personal prayer requests and also pray for other members’ requests. We believe there is power in prayer and something very unifying about praying for each other.

You can also use the form on this page to contact us privately and securely.

Weekly Encouragement

Each week there will be a word of encouragement via social media and also posted at the box for the purpose of drawing our focus to things of divine importance and meaning.

Monthly Community Gathering

The SECOND Monday evening of the month (unless it conflicts with holidays or other events), from 7:45-8:45pm, following the last class session, we will host a gathering for our members and their families at the box. Each gathering will most likely include a member sharing his/her story and spiritual journey, sharing of scripture, discussion and prayer. Members are encouraged to bring camp chairs if they want to guarantee something to sit on other than the floor.


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