Title & Certifications : Coach / CF-L1

Heidi Ansley's Bio

Heidi is a closet competitor that claims to not have the need to compete yet CrossFit has consistently brought out the desire for her to get better everyday.  That is exactly the spirit that Heidi brings to our coaching staff.  Heidi teaches the Functional Fit Class which incorporates a wide variety of body shaping movements combined with high intensity cardio training.  Her programming and results speak for themselves and her members enjoy the variance that she brings to her classes.

Going on a journey with her husband to create an environment that every person in Joplin can be part of is what Heidi loves most about coaching her class.  She sees people everyday that were once fearful of stepping foot into a gym and is reminded that she was once that person.  As a mom to 2 awesome daughters, Heidi knows how difficult it is to find time to keep yourself fit but truly believes that every woman should make an effort to care for the amazing bodies that God has gifted them with.

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